Students Learn About Science While Having Fun

Students Learn About Science While Having Fun

MARIANNA, Fla. - "I like that you can take science and then put it in your day to day life," said Miles Gillespie, Leon County 4H member.

Gillespie is just one of the many 4H students in the panhandle who has participated in the Engineering Challenge Camp hosted by Florida 4H, this week.

Friday, the students had the opportunity to use what they've learned about mechanical engineering to build their own derby cars, to race against other teams.

"These cars, you're taking your potential energy of them being high up and then having them fall," Gillespie said.

He said he's had a blast these past few days and while he's enjoyed the engineering side of things, he's also learned a lot.

"We've talked more about the science this time and it's really gotten interesting about the placement of the weight and all that on the car," said Gillespie.

4H officials said they want kids to think science is fun. Therefore they come up with projects the students can relate to.

"They play with cars they ride in cars and then they begin to learn the science concepts behind these everyday objects that they see," said Heather Kent, Florida 4H interim associate program leader.

Kent said the best part about the camp is the real world skills, like team work and communication, that they learn.

"Before they can race their cars today, their team is going to have to get up and give a public or presentation about their car, how they made their decisions, and for a lot of them it'll be the first time they've had to do something like that," said Kent.

4H students will use some of the skills they have learned this summer to compete in the North Florida Fair this fall.

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