Students Attend GCSC Stem Camp


This week elementary and middle school students of the Bay District visited Gulf Coast State College. At STEM camp they learned about physics, robotics, the human body and more.

STEM camp was open to all of Bay County’s 4th thru 7th graders. Educators saw this as a wonderful opportunity.

Coordinator of the STEM program, Katie Mccurdy, said it is best to introduce them to these fields early on.

“We want to get them engaged at an early age.” said Mccurdy.

A proud day for Bay District parents, the exhibition ended the week by showcasing the students’ work.

This is a much anticipated day for the campers.

“They’re just showing off everything they learned, not just stem related, but team building, they had to learn to work as a team and come to a consensus and we know that’s an important job skill.” said Mccurdy.

During the month of July each year, STEM camp entertains 240 kids. This is the programs 4th year with some different activities. The kids built a robotic arm,went through mini-med school, learned about the ecology of the Bay, where they built and designed water filters for that engineering challenge, and they went through one where they built derby cars this week.” said Mccurdy.

With 3 weeks of camp total, another 80 students will come in for another week of STEM camp starting Monday. 

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