PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — With the holidays right around the corner, Florida Highway Patrol is gearing up to give back to the community. They are kicking off their ‘Stuff the Charger’ event.

FHP will be collecting non-perishable foods to donate to food banks. The department said some of the items they’re looking for are canned soup, canned meats, veggies, and instant mashed potatoes.

Lieutenant Jason King said they are hoping to be able to feed even more families than last year.

“We’re just looking for food right now, canned goods, boxed goods, things that’ll last on a shelf for a while,” King said. “That way, when we give in bulk, our goal is to give in huge bulk. It’ll last for multiple people, multiple families to enjoy food, not only at the holidays but through the holidays and after.”

In Bay County, items can be dropped off at the FHP station on 2321. In Calhoun County, Calhoun Liberty Credit Union. And in Jackson County at the Jackson County Times.

‘Stuff the Charger’ will continue through November.