Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis facing FDLE probe

State News

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (News Service of Florida) – Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis facing a state law enforcement probe for releasing a complaint against Office of Financial Regulation Commissioner Ronald Rubin to the public.

Rubin is facing a harassment complaint. Patronis is refusing to back down from his call that Rubin be fired from the post, and instead, Wednesday intensified his demand that Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida cabinet consider the termination next week.

Rubin, who once was pushed by Patronis for the position as the state’s top financial regulator, has accused Patronis of “pay to play — or else” politics that included demands for a $1 million political contribution from Rubin’s father, who is a wealthy developer, for the February hiring.

Patronis’ comments today are the latest salvo in an escalating war of words and legal actions involving Rubin, the chief financial officer, and others in their sphere of influence.

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