ST ANDREWS, Fla. (WMBB) – Panama City officials are preparing to rebuild the bulkheads at the St. Andrews marina.

They’re closing the marina’s pavilion as part of their preparations.

The city originally built the pavilion to host the farmer’s market, but it never lived up to the city’s expectations.

The pavilion is now closed to the public indefinitely, while city officials rethink their plans for the marina’s future.

The decision to close is based on advice from the city’s engineers and architects.

“One of the main things is down the spine of the marina, we are going to be putting all of our infrastructure; like telecommunications, power and so forth, and they are going to end up digging a trench line through that area and so just based off the integrity of the pavilion, the engineers said it would be best to close it down at this point,” Panama City Quality of Life Director Sean de Palma said.

Officials hope to have the area cleared soon to make way for future amenities as part of the new marina project.

The city will host several public meetings to get ideas and input from residents about the project. Those meeting dates will be announced in the future.

Construction should start by the end of the year.