Springfield Police Department Trains New K-9 Dog, "Blitz"

SPRINGFIELD, Fla. - The Springfield Police Department has a special new officer in training who will help the department fight drug related crimes and missing persons cases. 

"He's a very spunky dog... I guess that's a polite way of putting it!" said officer Jason Klingensmith.

Blitz is a 4-year old German Sheppard in training to become Springfield Police Department's newest recruit.

"You have to have a dog who has an extreme high drive for toy or what we call prey drive that likes to hunt. Once that dog has that type of drive its just focusing on the skills you want him to do," said Klingensmith.

Klingensmith has trained Blitz for the past few weeks where blitz has learned to find drugs like the ones hidden here in the front tire of a car.

"We teach the dogs once they locate the oder of something to give what we call a final response, which is typically a sit," said Klingensmith.

Blitz will help out in missing persons or drug related cases.

"It also cuts down the man power of doing the searches because that dog is probably 10 times faster than what a human can move," said Klingensmith.

He'll likely stay with officer Klingensmith for the rest of his career as a K-9.

"It's very important to have that bond because you want them to be able to focus on you and listen directly to you and not run around frantically trying to figure out what to do," said Klingensmith.

He will soon take him to south Florida for certification. He's confident he will pass with flying colors.

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