South Walton Connector Road: through the forest or somewhere else?


SOUTH WALTON, Fla. (WMBB)- A controversial project has been on hold for a while but, now talks of creating a South Walton Connector Road are once again up for discussion. One option for the placement is putting a road through the forest.

Traffic in South Walton is at an all-time high and officials are working on solutions to fix it but, it hasn’t been easy.

Before paving a new road, the Walton County Commissioners’ first move was to, hire a firm to do a Project Development and Environment study. Now, the company hired is ready to present the information and the ideas to the Commissioners.

Some residents though, fear an option presented will be a road that runs through the forest and state parks.

“This would have a detrimental impact on the environment there or ecosystem, on the recreational facilities in there. So, the county needs to look at other alternatives. I think over to the east of deer lake state park, is where they really need to be looking for a connector road,” said Celeste Cobena, Concerned Citizen.

A special meeting is scheduled on August 21. At the meeting, the hired firm will make their presentation.

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