SOUTH WALTON FLA. (WMBB)– A local artist is using his photography as a way to raise money for his community.

Jonah Allen said his business has increased more than he could have ever anticipated, even in the face of COVID.

“When the pandemic first started there were a fear and uncertainty in the air but since that has subsided the pandemic has actually helped my business a lot,” said Allen.

South Walton Artist of the year says COVID’s challenges help inspire him

Allen said since people are quarantining in their homes, he has seen more of a demand for his artwork. Which has allowed him to further his career.

“I’ve been an artist for over 10 years, and this new gallery is just the next progression of my career. I wanted to have space where I can create an experience for someone and let them see a lot of really large-scale pieces because all of these pieces were shot in South Walton,” said Allen.

He has been coming to this area since he was little and said living near the beach and capturing its beauty at specific moments is what makes him unique.

“At the grand opening I was able to raise $6,000 and 100% of the proceeds are going to causes that I believe in such as the Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance,” said Allen.

And as his business grows, Allen plans to work with more local charities.