Sneak Peek: New $40 Million Elementary School is Ready for South Walton Students


SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. (WMBB)- A highly anticipated new elementary school is ready to welcome South Walton Students. The new multimillion-dollar school will open its doors to young eager minds on August 12.

“This school is the best,” shouted Sonny Reese, 9-years-old.

Excitement filled the atmosphere of Dune Lakes Elementary School as students and parents took a look around.

“My favorite part of school is definitely the stem lab. It has 3D printers and it even has like an old fashion sewing machine,” shared Blair Wootson, a 5th Grader at Dune Lakes.

“I have to say the art room and STEM it is amazing. It’s the best school ever,” said Reese.

There are more than 130 classrooms, a cafeteria, gym, a state of the art STEM research lab. Dune Lakes Elementary is located along Highway 98 near Point Washington State Forest. It took more than $40 million to get doors open and classrooms built.

One of the unique features of Dune Lakes Elementary is the hallways. Each of the halls is interactive and educational. At the north end of the school, the halls showcase the county’s agriculture economy and down in the south end, the halls feature the Gulf of Mexico.

“It’s just exciting that students will have a wonderful place to go to school in Walton County. I can’t believe this building is here in our county,” said Superintendent Russell Hughes, Walton County Schook District. “Every square inch is made for learning so that’s pretty exciting “

“This new school is going to help us because as you said earlier, everything even in the halls ways you learn a little bit more about Walton County,” said Wootson.

With more space that means more students, and with more students, that means more teachers!

“We have a lot of new teachers and they are excited to be here. The energy is going to be fantastic! I’m positive,” shared Nicole Gil, Reading Teacher for 2nd-5th grade.

Don’t forget most Walton County Schools start bright and early August 12th.

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