Six Inmates Overdose in Franklin County Jail

EASTPOINT, Fla. - Six Franklin County inmates overdosed after getting a hold of what officials believe was synthetic marijuana laced with another chemical. 


"We had some inmates that got some contraband, we figured it was probably synthetic marijuana, probably laced with some kind of roach spray or big spray, they smoked it, and a lot of them got very sick and six had to be transported," said A.J. Smith, Franklin County Sheriff. 


Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith said four of the inmates are back in their facility and two are still hospitalized, one in Panama City, the other in Tallahassee. 


"It was a result of an inmate who had been caught smuggling drugs into the state prison in Carrabelle, they arrested her and brought her over here," said Sheriff Smith. 


Vanda McElveen has been charged with introduction of contraband and trafficking of methamphetamine. When McElveen got to the Franklin County Jail in Eastpoint, they didn't find all of the alleged drugs in the initial search.


"It's a really really tough place to find drugs unless you have an x-ray machine which they don't nor do we," said Sheriff Smith. 


Sheriff Smith said one of  McElveen's cell mates works in food services at the jail.


"So that's how the drugs were probably transferred to the males," said Sheriff Smith.


He said they are charging McElveen for bringing in the drugs and the other inmates who assisted her in distributing them. 


McElveen remains in the Franklin County Jail and officials are still investigating. The names of the inmates involved have not yet been released.


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