Significant Changes Made To Bay District Schools During Board Meeting


Many changes were made to Bay District Schools as the school board approved the use of medical marijuana in pill form with no THC by qualified patients in schools for the students dealing with certain health conditions.

The misperception that we as a school district are allowing folks in our campuses to openly smoke marijuana for recreational use or for whatever use is not true. This is medical marijuana in pill form that does not have the THC component in it. So we are just following state statute, whenever in doubt follow state law and state statute mandates that school districts allow this on the campuses so we made a policy and procedure to follow state statute, emphasized Steve Moss, Bay District School board chairman.

The board also going through with wording and mapping changes of school zones in regard to Callaway Elementary being left open out of the previously proposed school shut down discussions.

We’re always big champions, at least here in Bay County, in regards to school choice. If for whatever reason the school that your child is zoned for is not a good fit, that you believe as a parent for whatever reason, is not a good fit for your student you have the choice to send your student to whatever choice you want to. With the rezoning, with the reshuffling of those zones school choice is now open for all of our different schools, secondary elementary for probably the first time in many, many years because of the capacity, said Moss.

Another notable change was the approval of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office’s request for access to live surveillance feeds of the schools in times of emergency requiring law enforcement.

The request in an effort to effectively combat school shootings and any other potential threats.

Unfortunately during the Parkland shooting a lot of the video that the law enforcement was looking at was 20 minutes old. The shooter had already left the building yet they were reluctant to go in because they thought he was still on campus, because the video was 20 minutes delayed. We want to make sure our sheriff’s office, God forbid if something like that happened in Bay County, has access to up-to-date live video so they can make accurate decisions on when to go in, when to neutralize the threat, and really know what they need to do in live time, explained Moss.

As for Hurricane Michael recovery, the school board allocated a 3.5 million dollar budget funded by Local Capital Improvement to roofing repairs for the schools hit the hardest by the storm, which includes Hiland Park Elementary School, Lynn Haven Elementary School, Margaret K. Lewis Elementary School in Millville, Southport Elementary School, and Tommy Smith Elementary School.

Also during the meeting, the school board approved the Association of Bay County Educators’ master contract.

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