A drug robbery gone wrong, leaving one teenager dead at a Panama City Beach apartment complex. Four people have been arrested in relation to the incident, but residents are wondering why they haven’t arrested more. 

Four people have been arrested in connection to the robbery and murder of 18-year-old Peyton Meyers but the man who shot and killed Meyers is not among the four arrested. 
Monday afternoon Beach Police investigating a fatal shooting on the fifth floor of 79 West apartment complex. 

Jared Gay, the man responsible for shooting and killing 18-year-old Peyton Meyers, not behind bars, but why? “If someone forcefully breaks into your home, there’s already a presumption that you felt that immanent fear and therefore you are allowed to use deadly force if it is necessary,” said Attorney at Law, Al Sauline. 

An act of self defense, according to Beach Police, Meyers, Taylor West, and Brandon Turntime forced themselves into Gay and Holly Buchanan’s apartment…to steal drugs and money.

Gay armed himself and followed the three outside… but is it still stand your ground if you’re no longer in your home? 

“You can’t shoot and kill someone to protect your property, you can shoot and kill someone to protect yourself, or to protect a loved one, but you can’t shoot someone,” said Sauline. 

Gay and Buchanan chased after the robbers and an altercation began between Buchanan and Meyers over the stolen belongings. That’s when the shots were fired.

“If you go and try to get your property back, and you are tackling the person and not using a gun and then it elevates to where the other person is about to use deadly force, then there’s an argument that it could apply again,” said Sauline. 

Police may not have charged Gay in Meyers’ death, they are charging West and Turntime with felony murder because the death occurred during a crime.
This isn’t the first time Jared Gay has been in the news. Back in October of 2014, Gay stabbed his father, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper, twice in the chest during an argument. 

His father survived. Gay was charged in the stabbing but those charges were later dropped, police said. A judge set Turntime and West’s bonds today.    

West is being held on $150,000, Turntime on $500,000 bond. All four suspects will be back in court January 3rd.