Senator Bill Nelson Discuss Local Train Station

Senator Bill Nelson Discuss Local Train Station

MARIANNA, Fla. - Tuesday, senator Bill Nelson visited Jackson County to update officials on some of their matters.

One of the topics of discussion is an Amtrak train station that runs through Marianna. 

Senator Nelson said it is a slow going process but they are working out negotiations between Amtrak and CSX who owns the rail line.

Nelson said it is his goal to make sure that the companies come to an agreement.  

Nelson told citizens of Jackson County that he remembers catching the train from Jacksonville to Washington County to visit his family when he was younger.

He said he feels this form of transportation is not dead yet.

"There's a mystique and a romance about trains that is still in this country," said Sen. Bill Nelson, (D) Floirda. "It's not all about airplanes and the car being so important to the American public. Trains are a big part of that."

Nelson said the idea is for the 'gulf coast train' to run from New Orleans all the way to Jacksonville.

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