Second Chance hosts 22nd annual 'Blessing of the Fleet'

SAINT ANDREWS, Fla. - Spring is here and boaters are ready to get back on the water, but one local non-profit wanted to give them a blessing before they set sail.

Second Chance of Northwest Florida hosted the annual 'Blessing of the Fleet.'

They work with patients that have brain injuries and they give them a place to participate in activities and interact with others.

The ceremony usually features a boat parade while people pray over the vessels, but unfortunately, had to be canceled this year due to rough waters.

Participants still had plenty of fun with a fish fry, live music, dancing, and an appearance from local country artists Cori & Kelly.

In place of the parade, pastors still prayed over the fleet and placed biodegradable wreaths in the Saint Andrews Marina.

"It's just a good thing for the community as a non-profit to know that we are here and we're unlike most places. There's not any other facility like ours, because most of them are not a day program, they're maybe a support group, but ours is a day program where they can come to the facility five days a week," said Sherl Morden, the President of Second Chance.

Second Chance serves around 55 members with brain injuries.

'The Blessing of the Fleet' is their main fundraiser as they receive no state or federal funding.

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