Seaside pushing for a mask ordinance in Walton County


WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — To keep people safe and stop the spread of COVID-19, the town of Seaside has required masks.

There have been a little more than 480 positive cases of COVID-19 since testing began in Walton County.

Seaside is now calling on residents to ask Walton County Commissioners to consider making the facial coverings mandatory.

Seaside officials are asking residents within Walton county to reach out to commissioners to ask for a mask order to be in place.

“A lot of traffic in favor of the ordinance is coming from the seaside area,” Danny Glidewell, Walton county District 2 Commissioner.

Seaside officials have been speaking with the community over their Facebook, about pushing a mask ordinance.

“The reason why we are asking the fans and guests of Seaside to reach out to our board and county commissioners is to have them be proactive about having some sort of mandatory mask policy weather that is outdoors in public areas or in stores,” said Kevin Boyle the Seaside Event Director.

Boyle said they want commissioners to follow trends of both the state and federal government guidelines, and put in place a proactive policy to combat the significant COVID-19 spike.

“On behalf of everyone in the seaside, we appreciate the frank discussion and feedback we have received from folks,” said Boyle. “We appreciate our guest complying with our mask policy, and at the end of the day we just want to get back to normal.”

Walton County Commissioner Danny Glidewell, said he and others have been receiving emails constantly over the past week.

“Traffic is running about 50 to 50,” said Glidewell. “You’ve got those that oppose a mask ordinance, and they say that it will be a violation of their constitutional rights. And then, the ones that are for the ordinance say that we need to protect the health and force tourists mainly, to mask up.”

The Walton County Commissioners are meeting Tuesday, July 14  to vote whether or not that mask order will be in place.

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