Seabreeze Jazz Festival Headliner Boney James Interview


The Seabreeze Jazz Festival is held its final day of a successful four day long music fest that brought in renowned jazz musicians from all over the world. 

News 13 spoke with festival headliner and four time Grammy nominated saxophonist, Boney James.
“I think this is like the fifth or sixth time being here but it’s always an amazing group of people. People come from all over the country for this festival and it’s just an amazing testament to the organizers, that they’ve made this festival a destination. The way they do that is they get a great bunch of acts. They’ve got The Commodores and lots of different contemporary jazz artists like myself that are here. So mixing up the R&B and the jazz, I think that’s they key to keeping people excited,” said James. 

Boney James is a 26 year veteran of the music industry. When asked how hes sustained success for this long, he responds, “I think contemporary jazz is such a wonderful art form and it’s really encouraging to me that I started out doing this in 1992 my first record came out and there’s been a lot of ups and downs in the music industry since then, but this type of music, the fans that love it really do love it and its really encouraging. They’re still buying the records and finding where the music is and its a wonderful thing.”

“Music in general has really migrated back more toward the live experience now since there’s no record stores anymore. Now people will stream records then they want to go see the show so I think people are sometimes surprised by how fun it is,” said James when asked about the success of the Seabreeze Jazz Festival. “First of all it’s a great communal experience. You’re with a bunch of people having a wonderful time. There’s just a great feeling of positive energy that you get when your at a festival like this. Music is meant to be experienced live. The feeling of the band and the artist and the crowd all on the same wavelength and just human being together feeling positive energy, especially in this day and age, its important. People need to come and check it out. 

James was eager to get on stage to jam with his fans in Bay County. “I think there’s five or six thousand people out there right now ready for this thing and even with the weather threatening people are going to hang and have a great time no matter what so my main feeling is gratitude that people are here. If you didn’t make it this time, hopefully we’ll see you next time.”

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