BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — There’s a different kind of animal roaming the halls of Breakfast Point Academy this week, as it is shark week for 5th grade students.

5th graders are able to learn about the different types of sharks, engage in shark dissection and also go over sizes and shapes of shark teeth.

This is the school’s way of celebrating the last week before summer break.

“Just to educate them about some of the species we have here locally and how if we don’t protect them their future might be at stake and they won’t be here for generations to come,” said Elementary Science Staff Training Specialist Erin Brack.

 Brack said the anatomy lesson helps students to get a more realistic view of the native species.

“So far, after the initial smell, after they got used to that– they’re pretty excited to see what the anatomy of the shark is. We’ve been comparing it to the human body and how we have a lot of similarities between us,” Brack said.

School leaders said they hope this week’s lessons instill a passion for the local ecosystem right here in the Panhandle.