LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — A. Crawford Mosley High School held a groundbreaking ceremony for their new outdoor education classroom Tuesday morning.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt, Principal Brian Bullock, members of the school board, and select students led the commemoration of upgrading the old temporary building.

The outdoor classroom that focuses on wildlife preservation and conservation is one of the first in the state of Florida.

“If you look at all the stats, the best type of learning is hands-on learning and this outdoor education classroom gets hands-on learning 100%,” said Bay County School Board Chair Steve Moss.

The creation of this program in 1993 was strongly driven by the students and teachers.

Teachers have used the outdoor classroom to highlight important skills like boater safety, net throwing techniques, archery, and other activities. The classroom can even prepare them for careers in forestry or fish and wildlife work.

“So, we’re all excited about this project. we’re excited for what it’s going to mean for the students that will be in this program. And as Steve said, we really do think this is going to be a model for schools in the south because one of the greatest resources we have is the outdoors,” Husfelt said.

The new facility is replacing an old temporary building. The construction project is budgeted at three million dollars. The funding will come from local tax dollars, and it will take about a year to complete.

“Programs like outdoor education, whether it be in the classroom or in the community as a club, it really lays the foundation for someone like myself who loves the outdoors or for someone wanting to further the passion for the outdoors in nature and their environment. I’m excited for the future of this program with the help of this new facility, thank you all very much,” Mosley High School student Wyatt Suggs said.