PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB)— What students learn in class is constantly evolving and changing, but new standards are rarely introduced.

Governor Desantis is working to change that and more specifically replace common core.

The new standards, which the Governor is calling the ‘B.E.S.T.’ standards will be implemented as early as next year.

The common core curriculum was introduced to Bay District Schools back in 2010, now it is being replaced with Florida’s ‘B.E.S.T.’ standards, or Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking.

Classrooms will see several changes, like removing ‘confusing’ math and deducting points for working a problem the wrong way.

“I think what this does is clarifies the fact that it doesn’t matter how the child solves the problem, it’s whether or not the child answers correctly,” said Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Denise Kelley.

The district thinks it will simplify the way parents are able to help their students with their math homework.

“Parents were not understanding the way math was taught, the processes for math, so it made it difficult for parents to help students at home. After reading the press release that was sent out, these new standards should make it easier based on the requirements and the expectations for the standards, for parents to be able to help their students,” said Kelley.

These ‘B.E.S.T.’ standards also implements teaching students financial literacy and providing civics education, as early as elementary school.

“They’ll be required to take the Florida civic literacy test for the very first time. Students won’t have to pass it for graduation. But if they pass it, it can be used to receive credit in meeting their civic literacy post-secondary assessment in college. So that will actually start in 2021,” said Kelley.

Other changes include introducing the US Constitution in 5th grade instead of 11th. Cursive writing will also be required in the curriculum.

Florida’s ‘B.E.S.T.’ standards for ELA will be introduced into classrooms beginning in 2021. As for mathematics, that will be introduced at the start of 2022.