Bay Virtual vs. Bay Link explained


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The pandemic is leaving many parents to wonder what the correct course of action is to educate their children.

After concern from the teacher’s union about class sizes, a new option was proposed, Bay Link, an online schooling option that still lets students be enrolled at their original school.

“So children will still be, if I was an Arnold Marlin last year, and I want to do Bay Link this year, if it’s approved, they will still be an Arnold Marlin, they will just be learning from home,” sid BDS Spokeswoman, Sharon Michalik.

Not to be confused with Bay Link, Bay Virtual School is another option families have for their child’s schooling. Bay Virtual School has been established for years and is their own institution with their own curriculum.

The typical school day for Bay Link students is expected to be fairly similar, but not an 8 hour day like they are used to.

“If it’s the 9 o’clock math lesson then the Bay Link student is tuning in, the children in the classroom are getting that math lesson and then everybody’s doing their independent work for the rest of that math chunk,” said Michalik.

All of the recorded lessons will be on a universal platform for students K through 12, called ‘Canvas’.

“The teachers won’t be live streaming all day, there’s a lot of work they do with students one on one and semi- individually,” said Michalik.

The Bay Link option is up for a vote at Tuesday’s school board meeting at 1 pm.

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