BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay District Schools hired a dozen highly-effective teachers during a job fair on Tuesday.

The district hosted a special hiring event for its Comprehensive Support and Improvement schools.

The teachers are heading to seven of the district’s poor-performing schools.

Callaway, Cedar Grove, Lucille Moore, Parker, Waller and Merriam Cherry Street Elementary, and Rutherford High School.

“It’s something that the school board has prioritized. We have to do something about these schools. We have to make sure that they’re on a continuous path of improvement,” Bay District Schools Sharon Michalik Director of Communications said. “They’re making great strides, but one of the things that are a key component for them is having certified and qualified teachers.”

The district is paying those teachers a $10 to $15,000 dollar bonus on top of their salary.

There will be another hiring event on April 22 to fill the rest of the positions.