Bay District School Grades are In


Grades are in for Bay District and administrators couldn’t be happier. Many schools moved up an entire letter grade.

With over 5,000 students homeless at the end of the school year, administrators and school staff couldn’t be more excited to receive grades at the end of this school year.

Only two points from earning an “A”  in the district however nine schools bumped up an entire letter grade, five of those individually jumping from a ‘B” to an “A”. Superintendent of Bay District Schools, Bill Husfelt says learning occurred due to their physical and mental needs being put first.

“You know those are things to look at. When you consider everything like I said you have to remember all that we’ve gone thru and all that we’re dealing with. it truly is amazing how well the students did. you have to pat the administrators on the back, the teachers, their parents, just everything.” said Husfelt.

We spoke to Bryan Bullock, Principal of Mosley High School, whose school moved up to an “A”. He shares what he attributes to their success.

“I think it goes back to the relationship piece. Letting the students know we were all there for them, their teachers were there for them, the staff members were there for them. Students will try hard when they know how much you care for them. They’ll try a little extra hard for you. I think that’s the big piece is the relationship piece.” said Bullock.

Teachers were planning on how students would miss up the one month of lost instruction and everyone hit the ground running. Coordinator of the testing, Camilla Hudson tells us why today is so important for the district.

“I was ecstatic. if we had not had a hurricane i still would’ve been pleased. but knowing what all our teachers, students, staff and principals went through, this was a wonderful day to be celebrated.” said Hudson.

The first day of school for Bay District will take place on Monday, August 12th.

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