PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Starting in August, all Bay District schools will keep Narcan on campus.

The drug is used to reverse an opioid overdose. 

Currently, school administrators would have to call first responders if there was an overdose.

Bay County School Board Chairman Steve Moss said while he is not aware of any overdoses on a Bay District School campus it’s important to be prepared just in case.

“Think it’d be naive not to think that there could be an opportunity for that type of situation on our campuses,” Moss said. “And so we came up with this policy as a district so that if any of our students or staff, God forbid, somehow face some type of overdose that we have the Narcan available to administer to them, that very well might save their life.”

Moss said school nurses or a certified health tech will be the ones trained to administer the drug on every campus. The policy also includes Haney Technical College.