BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay District School officials are asking parents and community members to help identify students who have not yet re-enrolled in school.

By law students must be enrolled in a school from ages 6 to 16.

Since school began in August school administrators, counselors, and social workers have been attempting to contact students and their families who have not re-enrolled or contacted the district.

“So that could be that students moved and they re-enrolled in another district, or that they moved out of state, so we are actually tracking down students individually who have not come back to school,” said Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Denise Kelley

A difficult task if emails or phone numbers are out of service.

“We made a commitment after the hurricane that we would not withdraw any student from Bay District Schools and that’s where you laid eyes on them to make sure they are safe or if we knew they enrolled in another school, so we’re following that same protocol,” said Kelley.

Kelley says many parents might just need assistance.

“Some of them, they hadn’t taken the step to enroll their children back in school, some of them thought that but we’re just going to continue with instruction how it was in the spring, but we’re not continuing instruction that way,” said Kelley.

Right now around 400 students are un-accounted for within the district, students who were enrolled last year.

“We just need them to enroll, so that we know that their children are getting the education that they need,” said Kelley.

School leaders say if families need help registering for school, they can call any school in the county or the district office directly.