PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Some local high school students are learning construction skills while earning class credit. The students belong to Arnold High School’s construction academy.

Since December, 30 students have been hammering nails and using wood to build a tiny home.

“We call it a tiny house, it is not exactly tiny, it is almost 600 square feet it’s 576 square feet,” teacher Bryan Normand said.

J.R. Arnold has a construction academy for students wanting to pursue the construction career field.

Last year the academy received a $50,000 grant from the St. Joe Community Foundation to fund the tiny house project.

Normand said they have already gone through thousands of nails, many bent or broken by students. But it’s all part of the learning process.

“Failure leads to success so as long as I know they’re not doing something that’s going to get them hurt, I let them fail,” Normand said. ‘If they’re going to bend that nail or make a crooked cut with the saw, I let them do it and then I teach them, ok, what could we have done differently to make it better?”

One student said the academy is beneficial for several reasons.

“It gives you a lot of life skills, honestly, it builds teamwork within a group, shows leadership through others,” Brady Morrill-Handler said.

Students will put up the walls and trusses next week. They’ll put the tiny home up for auction in March.

“We’re going to use the profits from this year’s sale of the house to build another one next year,” Normand said. “This year, everything is wood frame. Next year, hopefully, we can do a metal frame house just to teach the students different techniques”

An outside electrical contractor will help students wire the tiny home. Once they’re finished, the students will have built a fully-functional one-bedroom and one-bathroom house.