Scams Taking Place at People's Doorstep in Choctaw Beach

Choctaw Beach, Fla. - Walton County officials warned folks in Choctaw Beach Wednesday of scams happening right at their door step. Officials said people are posing as land surveyors, utility workers, and other employees to gain access inside the home. 


Walton County officials spent Wednesday afternoon handing out flyers in neighborhoods around Choctaw Beach.  Warning residents of recent scams happening in the area, the news comes as a surprise to residents. 

"I've lived around here for twenty plus years, i'm pretty well known in the area, and i have nothing but friends around here," said Joseph Lambert, Choctaw Beach resident .


Officers said there are several unrelated groups knocking on people's doors pretending to be an employee for a company, and they are targeting the elderly. 


"I think that if i catch them i'm going to knock them in the head because they're messing with grandma," said Lambert.  


Members of the Walton County Sheriff's Office hope that spreading awareness will make people think twice before letting someone into their home. 


"For family members to know if you have a loved one and they're elderly and live on their own maybe put this on their fridge or make sure they're not giving money to anybody or things like that," Corey Dobridnia, Walton County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer. 


Similar scams have been reported in recent weeks.


"One of the instances the men pretended like they were an energy company and they needed to do a survey in the yard," said Dobridnia.


Wome residents said they already have their guard up if someone they don't know tries to enter their house. 

"Don't let them in, i'd just rather go to the business owner themselves instead of taking someone word for it i'd rather go to the main companies boss and hear it from him," said Shane Crum. 

Officials are encouraging people to call the Walton Sheriff's Office if they notice suspicious activity.

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