Salvage Santa Receives Present from Verizon

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - If you have ever wondered if santa ever gets any presents for Christmas? well our Santa does.

On Thursday, Verzion made a large donation to the Bay Education Foundation in honor of Mike Jones, who apart from being Salvage Santa, is also Chief of Safety & Security and Police for Bay District Schools.

The 100,000 dollar check was presented to representatives of Bay Education Foundation at First Baptist Church which is the pickup center for the Salvage Santa Operation.

Katie Jay, Verizon Spokesperson, said, "Obvisouly an unprecidented storm that casued an anprecidented amount of damage. We know that process is going to take some time. We're looking at years and we will be here for the communities as that process happens."

More than 750 area families are expected to select gifts at this year's event which is the largest Salvage Santa effort ever.

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