PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Rutherford High School construction academy students have been hard at work converting an old school bus into a fully-functional tiny home.

The old bus came from Chautauqua Charter Academy, and the students are transforming it into a place where visitors of the charter academy can stay.

“Ms. McCauley, at Chautauqua Charter School, she has contacts from around the world,” Rutherford Construction Academy instructor Jason Rogers said. “She goes places. They come here to see how the school is run. And they really needed a place where those people, when they come, could stay on site and not have to worry about traveling between hotels. They had it all ready and it seemed like a really great project for my kids and it would also end up helping her.”

This project teaches students about wiring, carpentry, and metalwork.

Once complete, the converted school bus will fit bunk beds, a bathroom, air conditioning, lighting, and even a skylight.

“It’s a wonderful way for students to get job skills while they’re still in high school,” Bay District School Board Member Ann Leonard said. “Many of the programs can lead to articulated credit at Haney, and I was also the former director at Haney, so of course I’m thrilled about that as well. So I just am so excited that we’re making some progress and doing some good things in CTE across the district.”

The bus will work just like an RV and will be able to hook up at Chautauqua for visitors to use.

The bus should be fully furnished and ready to go by the end of the school year.