Riviera Beach residents in PCB ask for county help


BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — Another group of Bay County homeowners are begging for help with flooding.

This time it’s folks on the west end from an area called Riviera Beach. They took their problem to Bay County Commissioners Tuesday.

“There is a hole in the ground with a grate over it,” said Riviera Beach resident Terri Callahan. 

Riviera Beach residents said they have been dealing with hurricane-like flooding for six weeks now.

“There are about 20 houses involved,” said Callahan. “There are five houses that are not liveable right now.”

Callahan and her neighbors are worried about contamination, traffic changes, and property devaluation.

“What the county has done so far is send out trucks to suck up the water because the storm system will not carry it away,” said Callahan. “And apparently, they’ve sucked up over half a million gallons of water.”

But the mosquito-infested floodwater is still there.

“They are in a basin so the water is holding, it’s not percolating out of the ground very quickly and it is causing a lot of issues for those residents,” said District Five Commissioner Philip “Griff” Griffits. “So we are trying to do our very best to figure out solutions.”

One temporary fix commissioners are considering for the Riviera neighborhood is to buy out two houses on pompano road and build a retention pond.”

“If the rain keeps coming like this for whatever reason, what we are going to have is a full pond all the time and we then are going to just have the same problem,” said resident Robert Morrison.

“Long-term solutions will be worked out by stormwater engineers,” said Griffits.

The county plans to buy the flooded houses with FEMA or American Rescue Funds. Commissioners are putting the flooding issues on the next agenda and hope to start working on the riviera neighborhood in four months.

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