Forensic Research continues at Dozier School for Boys


MARIANNA, Fla (WMBB)– It’s been eight years since the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna permanently closed its doors. Dr. Erin Kimmerle and her forensics team returned to the school grounds this week after a contractor discovered 27 new anomalies.

She says they will carefully analyze the site to confirm whether those anomalies are human remains or not.

“We use mechanical equipment, heavy mechanical equipment to remove the top layer of soil and then to look at the soil underneath to determine if somethings buried there and what that is,” said Kimmerle.

The Florida Department of State entered into a land-use agreement with Jackson County—allowing USF researchers to excavate the land. The researchers will also determine if other areas of the grounds should be investigated.

“You can use probability theory to say how likely it is that someone was buried here. Because if there used to be a structure there, they’re most likely not buried underneath that structure,” said Kimmerle.

If human remains are found, law enforcement will immediately step in, along with a medical examiner.

“If something turns out to be a human burial, then obviously that stops and the process becomes very slow. If it’s not a human burial, if it’s something like tree roots, or buried trash or other things, the process can go a little bit quicker,” said Kimmerle.

The investigation could last from 6 months to one year.

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