A startling discovery at the future K-8 campus in Jackson County may cause serious issues.

“There is a sinkhole on the proposed site,” said Supt. of Schools Larry Moore.

In fact, last month engineers found a few sinkholes on the 90-acre site along Caverns Road in Marianna.

“It’s relatively small. There’s a grouping of them. Four are probably 36 to 48 inches in diameter and just a few feet deep. But one of them is a little larger,” said Director of Facilities & Maintenance Stuart Wiggins.

Wiggins is reaching out to other sources.

“Now we’re bringing in some outside geo-tech services to do some ground penetrating radar to determine how deep and wide they are to – really to determine what our next step is.” 

Moore believes the sinkholes may not be a setback.

“From what I have been told, this will be a minor challenge.”

“I don’t think that it will be, as you know living in the area where the Florida Caverns are, everybody has these issues,” added Wiggins.

Wiggins also believes the site provides plenty of wiggle room.

“We have ninety acres, and the school itself is about ten of the ninety acres – the building itself. So there’s a lot of flexibility that we have on this property,” said Wiggins.

Test results are expected to return in the next three weeks, and the school district plans to still hold a ground breaking ceremony this fall.

This year the school district secured $19 million in funds during the legislative session to  begin construction.

The future K-8 School will replace Golson Elementary School, Riverside Elementary School, and Marianna Middle School.