PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — A 42-year-old Panama City man is behind bars after allegedly traveling to a Pensacola park to meet a 13-year-old girl, according to Pensacola police officers.

William Edward White, 42, was charged with using a two-way communication device to facilitate a felony, two counts of obscene communications and traveling to meet after using a computer to lure a child.

On Dec. 3, an officer was messaged on a covert Facebook account by White. The officer said White messaged the victim from Dec. 3, until Dec. 19, displaying “grooming behavior” and asking the victim to be his girlfriend. White said in a message, “I am just telling you I am a big pervert I have a very dirty mind and stuff like that.”

Beginning on Dec. 7, the officer said White began asking the victim to get more open with him and “be a little more dirtier when you talk.” The officer said in the arrest report White lied about his age, saying he was 37 when they later discovered he was 42.

On Dec. 8, White told the victim he wanted to come see her soon. In the arrest report, White said to the victim she would have to play sick one day and he would “try to figure out how he can start making sure she had money for when she needed stuff,” and suggested they meet somewhere besides her house so they, “didn’t get in any kind of trouble.” According to the arrest report, when the victim asked White what he wanted to do, he explained, “lot of love fun,” and “lot of loving.” In the arrest report, officers said White went on to explain to the victim how he would “teach her stuff,” like having intercourse and masturbation.

On Dec. 13, officers said White sent another message making sure he and the victim were going to meet on Dec. 19. The message read, “So I figured when I pick you up at the park cuz you were worried about being seen with me if you climb in the backseat and just kind of slouched down until we get out of your neighborhood nobody would see you that was just kind of my thought.” According to the arrest report, the victim replied reminding White it “felt wrong” and that she was 13 years old. Officers said White justified his actions by a work association who is dating a female who is younger than him.

On Dec. 19, officers said White maintained contact with the victim for his ride from Panama City to Pensacola to meet her at Exchange Park at 3200 East Lakeview Ave. At 9:29, officers said White said he was getting their hotel room and would be at the park in 10 minutes. Officers said White told the victim when he got to the park and was parked in a tan suburban with chrome wheels.

An officer parked at Exchange Park identified a tan Chevy Suburban with Chrome wheels. The victim then sent a text to White saying she could not meet with him and she would attempt to Uber to his hotel room. In the arrest report, officers said White told the victim he was staying at the Quality Inn and Suites on 51 Gulf Breeze Pkwy. Officers then reached out to the hotel clerk who said she recalled White checking into the hotel in the morning and him saying “he did not need it for the whole day.” While talking to the clerk, officers said they saw White’s vehicle parked directly out front and him walk into an upstairs room, then leave the hotel in his tan suburban.

Deputies with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on White and transported him to the Santa Rosa County Jail.

White was booked into the Escambia County Jail on Dec. 27, on a $500,000 bond.