PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WKRG) — On the shore of the Mississippi Sound is the Buffett Bridge, which is now lined with Margaritas, saltshakers, a singular piece of shrimp, sandals and juicy fruit gum.

“It’s just everything that represents him,” Parrot head, Peggy Hoover said.

All in honor of Jimmy Buffett after his passing on Friday.

“I loved him, I loved him, I really did,” Parrot head, Brenda Earer said.

Buffett was born Dec. 25, 1946, in Pascagoula, Miss. and spent his early childhood years in this town before moving to Mobile, Ala. Despite his fame and fortune, he never forgot his roots and returned to Pascagoula throughout his life, for fun and for concerts.

“He was always a homebody, he would come home and treat everybody like he always had,” Hoover said.

In 2015, the city dedicated the bridge to Buffett.

Now, Parrot heads from all over have been coming to the bridge to pay their respects one margarita and saltshaker at a time. While reminiscing on their favorite Buffett memories.

“I’m going to cry,” Parrot head, Van Hoover said.

Hoover’s wife Peggy said that Buffett is the fabric of their life.

“He has been in my life since the ’70s and we met in the ’70s. So, we sort of grew up with him,” Peggy Hoover said.

Parrot heads plan to keep the voice of Jimmy Buffett ringing loudly through the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

“Just think of him when you’re on the water, play his music, remember him, he will always be an icon he will always be around. People will listen to his music forever and ever,” Parrot head, Tara Claffey said.