ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — When you think of a relaxing day on the water this is probably not what you’re expecting to encounter.

“We were actually in the water and some of the people on the coast were saying shark, shark and so we saw it,” said Stacie Savaiano. “It went right behind these two. They were out in the ocean and you could see the dark shadow of the shark go by. Very scary, very scary.”

Dozens of sharks near Alabama Point seen in incredible drone video Saturday sent to us from Rex Jones. Sharks spotted up and down the coast, forcing many visitors from the water at least for a few minutes while they wait for them to move on.

“It definitely brought us out of the water and definitely up closer to the shore,” a tourist said Wednesday. “We’re going to go dabble our feet again today with the awareness that there are sharks out there.”

Bait fish are one of the reasons more sharks come closer to shore. It’s not unusual to spot this many in one area at certain times during the year, but it’s definitely not what folks are wanting to see on vacation.

“Y’all were on the lookout for them?,” asked WKRG reporter Blake Brown. “Oh yes, yes had to be,” said John Lynch. “We had the little one with us. We’ve got our godson with us.”

Tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks and bull sharks are the most common ones seen off the Alabama Gulf Coast. Our Sky5 Drone flying above Perdido Pass Wednesday caught several sharks still close to shore, but nothing like the video shows from last weekend.