ALABAMA (WDHN) — The family of an Alabama inmate, convicted of killing a Dothan woman in the early 2000s, is asking for his release due to his terminal cancer diagnosis, reported on Tuesday.

According to the Report, in May, Antonio Smith was denied a medical furlough, a program that allows the release of elderly or terminally ill patients. Smith was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, and he began chemotherapy in May.

Smith’s sister, Travella Casey, claims the Alabama Department of Corrections didn’t act fast enough to find cancer after he began complaining of pain in September 2022, and says he has severe pain keeping him up throughout the night and had a feeding tube inserted to keep him from losing weight, says.

Smith was sentenced to 99 years by a Houston County Judge after being found guilty in the 2000 murder of his girlfriend, LaKendra Kirkland.

The independent news agency is reporting Smith was being held at a minimum security honor farm due to his good behavior but since his diagnosis, Smith was transferred to the Kilby Infirmary.