In this weeks edition of Open For Biz sponsored by GED Lawyers. Chris Marchand focuses on Reds Pizza and Piggly Wiggly Express.

We begin with Reds Pizza on east 5th street in Panama City.

Reds roof was partially ripped open during the hurricane exposing the inside to water damage. Owner Sharon Davis, aka Red, said it only took them a couple weeks to get repairs done and back open serving the public. Red also said, their success is due to the awesome community we live in.

“Everybody in this town in panama city and bay county have been so supportive of us really supportive because it’s difficult you’re a mom-and-pop place you don’t have the resources that some of the other corporate businesses have so it’s important our community supports us and they have and it’s been amazing”

To order a pizza call 252-6112.

We head up to the Piggly Wiggly Express grocery store formerly known as Garners Supermarket up on hwy 2301 in Bayou George. The store suffered a significant amount of damage during Michael and it took over a year for them to re-open.

Manager Mike Capps said, if it wasn’t for his employees and the community support it would have taken even longer.

“You know all of our employees were incredible they came in and cleaned up some of them haven’t even cleaned up their own houses. They came in and help pull stock off the shelves do inventory they’re awesome you know overall it was a really bad situation but we saw a lot of good out of it we saw a lot of good.”

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