There are new developments in the lawsuit against an MTV reality show personality. 

Back in May, a local woman accused Floribama personality Aimee Hall of hitting her in the face at a Panama City Beach bar. The woman filed a civil suit against Hall.

In the early hours of May 16th, officers responded to Miss Newby’s off Thomas Drive in reference to a battery. That battery was said to have been committed by Floribama Shore cast member, Aimee Hall. Hall is charged with battery, but a counter-suit filed by her attorney’s hopes to get that charged dismissed.

Hall and her legal team are firing back at assault accusations and denying that she’s at fault. Last week, Hall’s attorney filed a counter-claim against the victim, Melissa Bensinger. 

Bensinger’s attorney, Ted Howell said the recent filing doesn’t prove Hall’s innocence. “The allegations are a little bit unclear but the basic genesis of it is that she alleges that there were gestures and threats that were made that somehow justify her actions,” said Attorney at Law, Ted Howell. 

Bensinger said Hall fractured her nose and has since required medical treatment to restore it. Her lawyer stated, regardless of the counter-suit, the truth will be revealed.
“We believe there is video footage that we’ve asked for that has been preserved by the production company, which will tell the story of exactly what happened,” said Howell. 

While the footage will help reveal the truth, Besiniger’s attorney has filed a motion to keep the incident from airing on MTV. The issue of whether or not it will air has not yet been resolved. 

Regardless of the new filing, Howell said he isn’t worried. “Everyone is entitled to a defense to any claim but as we said, there’s video footage of this and opinions cannot change there, it will be pretty black and white once that footage is ultimately obtained,” said Howell. 

News 13 called Hall’s attorney, Zachary Vandyke for comment and he refused to comment on the counter-suit. News 13 also reached out to the production company and they did not get back to us regarding the matter. Aimee Hall is expected back in the Bay County courthouse on September 6th.