Reager Back in Court

BAY COUNTY, Fla - The man who is charged with attempted murder of an FWC Officer in the fall of 2015 was back in a Bay County courtroom Thursday.
Samuel Reager's defense attorney filed a motion asking that the interview Reager did with News 13 a few days after he was arrested be used in the case.
The defense argued the jail may have persuaded Reager to do the interview by giving him access to a card with money to make phone calls. However, no evidence of this was presented. They also argued the policies the jail uses in a situation where media wants to interview an inmate are inappropriate.
"You just heard from the management of the hail, they don't check on the physical status, the mental health, they don't know whether they've got an attorney, whether they've asserted their 5th, 6th rights. Nothing is done to determine whether or not this is an appropriate initiation," argued the defense.
The state argued that they - nor the Sheriff's Office or jail - had anything to do with News 13's interview with Reager, so they should be allowed to show it to a jury.
"So it is clear that he understands what's going on. He's alert. He's coherent and the questions that he wants the world to know about, he answers. The questions that he chooses not to answer, then he respectfully declines to answer," argued the State.
The defense also requested the evidence found by the Coast Guard on the sailboat the day of the incident not be used in the case. Judge Brantley Clark will consider these requests at another hearing on February 16th.

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