PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — There isn’t a better day than today to award a veteran for his sacrifice.

A local business surprised one local veteran and his family today, with a gift that will significantly impact his life. The gesture was overwhelming for everyone.

Re-Bath owner Mark Defour’s 98-year-old father and WWII veteran recently died. That’s when Defour and his employees decided to give back to Bay County veterans. Since September Re-Bath has been accepting nominations for veterans with remarkable stories.

Friday, they surprised Joe and Jill Rodgers with a home visit, telling them they have won a complete bathroom makeover. Re-Bath will take out a tub and install a full walk-in shower for easy access.

Joe Rodgers has a bad back which makes it difficult for him to access the bathtub and his wife Jill has to help him. The Rodgers also hosts other veterans for a 12-week faith-based course called “Reason for Seven.”

“I’m really excited about all the veterans that are going to be able to use it that come in and out of our house,” Re-Bath winner Jill Rodgers said. “It will allow us to be able to welcome more and more veterans in our home.”

The Rodgers said they are extremely grateful to Re-Bath for giving them the opportunity to help Joe and the other veterans who visit their home.

“It’s hard to process those of us that have the blues that are being forgotten about,” Re-Bath winner Joe Rodgers said. “You know, the things you don’t see, so when people come out and say thank you for your service, it means the world to me.”

Re-Bath plans to continue this giveaway each Veteran’s Day.