Pups Dress as Pirates at the Pirate of the High Seas Festival


The Pirate of the High Seas Festival wrapped up on Oct. 7, 2018, but not before having a puppy pirate parade. Adorable pooches and their owners wagged their way around the festival, decked out in their best pirate garb. 

The parade ended with judges choosing a first, second, and third place winner for best costume. News 13 caught up with the first place winner of the contest Rene Ekman who said the festival was about more than a puppy pirate parade. “We’ve been training Zane(her puppy pirate) to be a therapy dog and any opportunity where we can get out and about, and give him new experiences is perfect.”

Each winner received a special treat bag as a prize. The puppy parade was at Captain Anderson’s Marina and was the cherry on top of the three day Pirate of the High Seas Festival. A celebration that comes to the area every October, bringing live music, parades, and family fun activities. Captain Anderson’s ended the festivities with a firework show. 

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