BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — All residents in Bay County will have something to vote on this month.

Monday the Bay County Supervisor of Elections office conducted public testing for every piece of equipment for each precinct.

A look at who is on the ballot for the upcoming municipal elections

Supervisor of Elections Mark Andersen said each ballot will run through their public testing system multiple times to check and validate each machine. This way, Andersen said, when they start to open vote by mail ballots, there will be virtually no issues moving forward. They can catch all problems now.

“What’s important to realize this election is that this election day, we are no longer under a supervoting site method,” said Andersen. “Early voting you can go to any one of our seven sites and you can get your ballot. But on election day, it is very important that you look at that sample ballot you got in the mail recently, turn it over and look at the backside where you vote.”

He said there will not be super-voting sites this time around. On election day, it is important to go to your designated voting site. 

“Regarding this election vote by mail, early voting for election day you got to do some homework to make sure that you go to the right location so you don’t have to vote on election day,” he said. “If you are going to vote on election day, don’t wait to find out where you have to go on election day find out before by calling  (850) 784-6100 or check your sample ballot, it’s on there also.”

Early election starts next Monday and there will be 18 sites available on election day April 20.