LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – With Christmas fast approaching, many are ordering their gifts online.

But having packages delivered to your doorstep can make for low-hanging fruit for thieves.

The Lynn Haven Police Department said they have received two more reports over the past few days of stolen packages.

One of the packages was opened and the contents were removed, and the other package was just gone. But Lt. Charles Enfinger said this comes as no surprise.

“Anytime there are holidays, like with Christmas coming and Black Friday and Cyber Monday, people are ordering more and more stuff, especially with COVID and people staying home,” Enfinger said. “Online orders definitely increase this time of year so the package thefts definitely increase as well.”

Enfinger said there are steps people can take to reduce the chance of having their packages stolen.

“We absolutely love Ring cameras, surveillance cameras at homes but that’s not really preventative. That helps us solve a crime after it has occurred,” Enfinger said. “As far as preventative measures, my advice would be if you are going to order something and you are like most people you work for a living and you are not home, maybe have that delivered to your place of work where somebody is going to be or have it delivered to a friend or relative maybe that’s retired or is not working.”

Another way to protect yourself this holiday season is to insure your packages, so you can get your money back should your package be stolen.