WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Prosecutors announced Friday that they have forwarded a controversial audit of the Walton County Commission to the state’s top criminal investigation agency.

The audit of the commissioners was done by the Walton County Clerk of Court and determined that each of the commissioners had misused county funds and in some cases broken state law.

The audit was forwarded to State Attorney Ginger Bowden-Madden who announced Friday that her office had reviewed it and have sent it to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for investigation.

The report accuses Danny Glidewell, Tony Anderson, Trey Nick, Michael Barker and William McCormick of using county purchasing cards for unallowed expenses.

Glidewell, Anderson, Nick, and McCormick allegedly used the cards for meals, snacks, and in at least one case, alcohol, even though the county provides a separate pot of money for food while traveling.

Glidewell, Anderson, Nick, and McCormick also used the card to pay for better seats on flights, even though Walton County rules state that commissioners can only fly coach, the audit states. It adds that the commissioners are required to reimburse the county for the difference. According to the audit Glidewell owes the taxpayers about $1,368 for travel. Anderson owes $900. Nick owes $1,760 and McCormick owes $575. 

The report states that Nick spent $880 in January and $1,151 in March of 2019 for a conference, but some of the charges don’t correspond with the conference dates. Glidewell spent $1,369 in December of 2019 for a conference and billed the county for a hotel stay one night prior to the start of the event. 

The report states that in 2020 Trey Nick spent about $2,300 more on a room for himself and his aide than the other conference attendees spent at the same conference. 

The report also takes issue with all of the commissioners for using the card without providing the proper receipts. 

During a Tuesday meeting, the commissioners disputed the accusations and blamed Clerk of Court Alex Alford for what they called an inaccurate, politically motivated, and flawed audit. Alford declined to comment.

One of the commissioners also took issue with an anonymous source being the instigator of the audit.

“I have never done that, I will not do that, and whoever said it is a boldface liar and they hid behind anonymity, and I have great issue with that. If you got something to say to me, say it in public,” Glidewell said.

However, he and the other commissioners did not allow the public to speak during the meeting.