Power Bills Doubled in the Winter Months


Some Jackson County residents have seen dramatic increases in their electricity bills this month.

Some as much as three hundred and fifty dollars. 

The Florida panhandle has had some extremely cold weather so far this winter.

Running the heater for longer than usual pushed electric bills higher.

Power companies in the area said they are aware of the issue.

“It’s affecting everybody. It’s not just one specific place. You know, everybody sees the, because the temperatures been pretty extreme, and so everybody is seeing spikes in their utility bills,” said Lynwood Tanner, FPU Public Relations Manager.

Companies said, if you have noticed an increase in your bill, there are some things you can do to kee it under control in the future.

Keep an eye on your thermostat.

Make sure windows and doors are caulked properly.

Also, wear extra clothing inside.

Aside from monitoring your thermostat, you should also remember to keep an eye on your hot water heater.

During the cooler months, you can wrap the heater in towels or blankets to keep the heat inside.

“You can put a timer on your hot water heater that way, you know it comes on at a certain time so it won’t stay on,” said Tanner.

Other power companies in the panhandle, like Gulf Power, and West Florida Electric agreed that the weather has been a huge factor in bill increases.

Power officials also said that every degree you go warmer on the thermostat, could add ten percent to your bill. 

They recommend 68 degrees to keep your bill lower.

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