Potholes could cause Panama City road to collapse


PANAMA CITY, Fla. — Potholes can be dangerous, especially when they form on bridges, like the one on Breezy Lane in Panama City.

If the bridge collapses because of the erosion, the residents in the neighborhood would not be able to get in or out, since Breezy Lane is a dead-end street.

“An engineer from the city came out and looked and told us that it was undermined and it was going to collapse,” said Pat Mills, a resident on Breezy Lane.

She said the holes formed mainly from the hurricane and they get bigger every time it rains. She said if the bridge falls in, it would be more than an inconvenience; it could be life-threatening.

“There’s some elderly people in here,” said Mills. “There’s no way that if this road collapses that people could get medical care.”

Or any other kind of help.

“We won’t be able to get ambulance service here, we won’t get fire department, we won’t get police,” said Paul LaPointe, another resident.

Panama City officials said on Thursday morning that because it’s a private road, public tax dollars can’t go towards fixing it. The residents say the bridge lies over a storm drain that the city has maintained in the past.

“That is the city’s drainage system,” said LaPointe. “They put it in, they should be responsible for it.”

The residents say they will take any help they can get.

“I just beg the city to please help us,” said Mills.

On Thursday afternoon, News 13 reached out to city officials about the storm drains on Breezy Lane.

City manager Mark McQueen said he has now directed his public works team to assess the bridge and stormwater pipe and stabilize the infrastructure until a permanent solution can be accomplished.

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