We’re seeing signs of change and recovery every week and a new project aims to keep Panama City in the national and international spotlight.
A message is being sent to people across the country as we recover. “We’re not quite ready to say we’re open. Our hotels are still under construction. Our city is still in the recovery process,” Destination Panama City CEO, Jennifer Vigil, said. 

Officials are still looking towards the future. “Keeping awareness was a big issue for a lot of our local residents. Even our visitors and friends from nationally and internationally want to know how it is that we’re doing,” she said.

Destination Panama City is beginning a new campain called postcards for Panama City. Visit Florida gave the organization a grant of $250,000 for the project.

“Hey, keep us in your hearts and on your minds, and here’s a little piece of Panama City to hang on your refridgerator while we’re getting better,” she said. They’ll periodically send out postcards with messages like “We’ll be together soon” and “Not long now”. They will mainly target their southeast market of the country and places with direct flights here.

“We don’t want to be the most damaged story, we don’t want to be the most costly story, we want to be the greatest recovery story ever told,” Vigil said.

People can sign up on their website to get the postcards for free. Commissioer Mike Nichols said the local economy will need the visitors once the city is ready to welcome them in. “It’s very important. I mean, our businesses need the tourism, they need to visitations from outside our area. As well as the businesses rebuilding, to make sure we can say hey, we’re gonna be able to support ya,” he said.