PORT ST. JOE, Fla. (WMBB) — A local Port St. Joe man has spent the last few years trying to spread joy to others.

And he’s chosen a unique way to do it, by dancing on the side of the road. His dancing has made quite an impact on the community.

BCC Waste Solutions Refuse Collector Reko Gainers is trying to spread his message of positivity.

37-year-old Gainers started dancing in 2016, he refers to himself as the “Turnt-up Trashman of Gulf County.”

He has gained popularity among locals. One woman told him it was his dancing and attitude that stopped her from quitting her job.

“A young woman who was working at Indian Pass Raw Bar saw me dancing, she was gonna quit. She was on the phone fixing to call her boss and quit and then she seen me dancing and thought ‘no way, there’s no way I can quit my job if that guy can have that type of attitude doing that job. There’s no way I can quit my job’ and she seen me,” Gainer said. “She came up to me at the Piggly Wiggly and she told me that.

He even said his dancing is saving lives.

“They said they seen me one day and it brought them out of a funk that they was having suicidal thoughts that day. Just me enjoying my job doing what I do every day is having that type of impact on people? are you kidding me?” Gainers said.

Gainers parks his garbage truck on the side of Highway 98 in Port St. Joe and dances for a few minutes each day with the hope he puts a smile on people’s faces.

He said it’s those smiles, waves, and dance moves that motivate him to keep going.

And going that extra mile has paid off for him.

“One woman, every Tuesday, we have a dance battle when I service her garbage cans I get out I dance in the street and she dances in her living room every Tuesday she came out and gave me a Christmas card with a hundred dollars and she had tears in her eyes,” Gainers said.

He said if you see him make sure you honk and wave, and dance along with him.

“That’s really the message behind this dancing stuff be who you really are and I am the ‘Turnt-Up Trash Man’ that’s what I want people to know so when you see me all you gotta say is ‘turn it up, turn it up’ and I will and I might just hit a little dance with you,” Gainers said.