“Change My Vote” becomes trending search on Google days before 2020 General Election

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Days before the 2020 General Election, “Change My Vote” has become a trending search all over the country in the last week, especially in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida according to Google Trends.

Undecided voters are beginning to feel the pressure but election officials say there’s not much you can do once you vote in Florida.

After record-high early voting numbers, some voters may be having second thoughts about their decision and want to change their ballots.

“I’ve heard of states that actually allow that but Florida is not one of them. Once you submit your ballot it’s considered cast and it stays with us and it’s counted and we move forward,” said Bay County Supervisor of Elections, Mark Andersen.

Andersen said you cannot change your mind after you vote in Florida and said allowing people to change their ballot could cause logistical issues.

“Which one do you count, when did it come in, which one was first, which one was second,” Andersen said. “All those things we don’t need here in Florida. We just need you to make up your mind and for this election, we need you to vote and the sooner the better that you have your mind made up, it’s time to cast that ballot.”

While some voters feel like they should be able to change their minds, other voters said it gives them confidence knowing they have to stick to their one ballot.

“You make a slight mistake and you feel like, you know, you know what, I didn’t do my research on this candidate before I voted for them and now that I know a little bit more, I would like to change my vote,” said Florida resident, Danny Russ. “I think everybody should be allowed one.”

Bay County resident, Joe Hassler, isn’t surprised to see people inquiring about changing their ballots but thinks people should only get their one vote.

“But I personally think once you make a decision to cast your vote legally that it should be binding,” Hassler said.

Another Bay County resident, Gloria Thompson, is an undecided voter and is weighing her options before she casts her only ballot.

“And this should also be a lesson for people who haven’t voted to really consider which way they wanna go,” Thompson said. “There’s some things we like about both presidents and some things that we don’t and our future is pretty much in their hands so it is something to think about.”

If you haven’t voted yet, the seven super sites will remain open from now until Election Day next Tuesday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. For a full list of super sites, click here.

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