JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A Jackson County satsuma farmer invited the public into her backyard Saturday to pick fruit straight from her grove.

This is the second year Sellers Satsumas has hosted its annual farm day.

Jessica Milam owns and operates the north Jackson County grove.

She said she has a lot of people ask her if they can pick their own fruit, which inspired her to create the farm day event.

“Well, my house is about 50 yards behind you, not even and it’s kind of funny to think that I live right there and this is literally my backyard, but it’s also the exciting part to have and share my backyard with all of whoever wants to come hang out with us,” Milam said.

Greg and Dandilyn Galloway came up from Panama City Beach to load up on satsumas.

“We just wanted something to do for the weekend and picking oranges seemed like a good idea,” Galloway said. “So we have fun. Very good oranges. This environment is so beautiful and nice, so we are all enjoying ourselves today.”

But it’s not just a ‘U-Pick’ event. This year, Milam brought out a bunch of different local vendors, as well as live music, bounce houses, and even a petting zoo.

“It’s really an awesome event that the whole family can come out and enjoy,” event-goer Christy Andreasen said. “I like the fact that there is something for my son to do. Of course, he loves the tractors and likes looking at the Satsuma and everything. then for me, the shopping, because who doesn’t like to shop.”

Andresen said she’s thrilled to see an event like this in the outskirts of Jackson County.

“Everything is usually in Marianna, Cottondale, Graceville, the bigger communities, so to have something up here in true rural Jackson County, like right at the state line, it’s really awesome,” Andreasen said. “They’ve got the brewery here from Campbellton. So right down the road, like four and a half miles, they came out to help celebrate and just seeing like all these people that are coming out here to like, true middle of nowhere farmland to enjoy satsumas, it’s pretty awesome.”

Many of the day’s vendors, like Martin’s Harvest, make a point to come to other farmer’s events with their locally sourced ingredients to support their fellow growers.

Milam said she hopes the event only continues to grow year after year, and it will always be held every Saturday after Thanksgiving.

For more information, visit Sellers Satsumas Facebook page.