PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Local attorneys Larry Perry, Chris Young and their partners, Les McFatter, and Ted Howell erased $1 million dollars in medical debt Wednesday.

The donation was part of News 13’s partnership with RIP Medical Debt to eliminate medical debt in The Panhandle.

RIP Medical Debt is a non-profit organization that buys medical debt for pennies on the dollar. Their work allows people who give $10 to the cause the ability to eliminate 1,000 in debt.

On Wednesday, Perry and his partners donated $10,000 as part of the telethon.

Perry said the donation is personal. When he was a child his mom was raising three boys by herself and she needed surgery.

“It took her the better part of a decade to pay off the surgical bills,” Perry said.

He and the firm also deal with medical debt as part of their work every day.

“For our clients, we see literally millions of dollars a year in medical charges,” Perry said. “This donation is for those that we don’t represent and for conditions that put a financial strain on families.”

Young agreed.

“It’s a great cause,” Young said. “A lot of people are still having trouble dealing with the hurricane and with COVID and in addition to their bills, medical bills are still piling up as well.”

“Larry and I are blessed to be able to help others in an extremely tough time.”

If you would like to make a donation to help eliminate local medical debt, you can call in at 850-392-1541 or click this link to donate online.